Hear what our customers say about us!

Name: Ade***e C*an
HP: 98** *764
Thank you so much Ladrelis. Maybe you could open more meetup points soon!! <3

Name: Dan**l L*m
HP: 81** **88
Thanks for the prompt service. Thumbs up!

Name: Ju**an C**ew
HP: 97** **68
Good service. Will purchase more next month when I get my pay =D

Name: Jol**e T*h
HP: 98** **76
Thanks for coming all the way down to my place just to pass me my urgent items past midnight! I really appreciate it! Overall excellent service! Will buy again very very soon! ^^

Name: K** Sh*n
HP: 81** **71
TY ladrelis for the excellent service. Received the items in good condition within 9 days.. good job!!

Name: An**a L**w
HP: 91** **95
Hi Ladrelis. Sorry for the very long testimonial.
Firstly I want to thank you for having so much patience in dealing with me!
I know I'm abit annoying at times for asking SO MANY questions!
But you never fail to answer them promptly.

Secondly I requested you to check the items properly because I had bad experience with other agents before.
Even though I asked them to check the items thoroughly, they still gave me some spoilt/wrong items.
I am very particular about this, so.. I want to thank you for passing me perfect items, and checking them one by one(when I ordered over 100 pieces of clothing)...
Good job for that!

Lastly, I would love love love to refer you to my friends and families to purchase tao bao items from you!


Thank you so much!

Name: Pe**y P*h
HP: 96** **77
Sorry for being so annoying in ordering items, cancelling this and that and adding that and this ha ha...~ I just can't make up my mind!
Too many stuffs to buy @ taobao! & Thanks for coming with my timing at so late for home delivery... MAD LOVE~ THANK YOU LADRELIS!!

Name: Daws** T*o
HP: 92** **30
Tried buying from Taobao from different agent, you're the best I've seen so far. Quick replies, friendly and patient with customers.
Helped to follow up closely on stuffs bought that I requested, and received in good condition.. My wife and I are very happy with it. Good job on that..

Name: Lo* Ji** H**
HP: 87** **96
Thanks for shipping my cabinet to me, although it's quite long, you never failed to update me the status of the item.
There's a little chip on one corner of the cabinet, but overall ur service was awesome..! Thank you so much..
Buying from taobao is much more cheaper than buying in local shop..

Name: Ste***nie
HP: 91** **93
Thanks! Cheapest and fastest agent I've been through so far. Thumbs up in communication!

Name: Ke**y Ch*a
HP: 91** **40
Thanks Ladrelis for being so patient with me, asking so many questions throughout the whole process.
Will definately purchase from you soon!

Name: Sh**na
HP: 93** **60
hi.. i've received my items in good condition, tnx so much.

Name: Ke*** C**a
HP: 91** **33
Excellent service by Ladrelis. Requested her to do a follow up on my wedding gown which I bought from Taobao.
She did a detail check on the items before sending it to me!! I loved the gown so much and it fits me really well!
Best is, it's so much cheaper than local bridal shops!
Looking forward to purchase from you again after my wedding!

Name: Chri****e
HP: 91** **88
My feedback for LADRELIS:
Its my first time spree-ing with her and it was amazing!
Firstly, i had never spree at taobao before so i asked many questions. She is very patient in answering all of my questions and guided me through on how to order.
When my items arrived, we are suppose to meet at serangoon but because of some reasons we couldnt meet, she made a trip down to my grandma house(DOWNSTAIRS AT THE LIFT AREA)! :D Arent they awesome?
And also, i received a cute little name card and a complimentary gift from them! It was so pretty and cute ^^ Will definitely spree with them AGAIN!

Name: Ja**l**e *o*
HP: 81** **25
Here's a testimonial for you Ladrelis :)
Firstly I want to say thank you for making my taobao purchase experience so great!
My daughters and I love the items so much! It only takes around 13 days for my items to reach me (that's super fast)!
I requested you to home deliver to me past midnight as I need the items urgently and you told me it was okay to deliver since it's urgent!
You guys are so great! I have recommended you to my friends and we will be buying real soon!!

Name: D*r**n
HP: 92** **05
Great service! Will spree again soon! (Y)

Name: A**nd* Y*ow
HP: 98** **37
I had alot of questions regarding taobao, Ladrelis did not fail to answer them! She is so patient and friendly due to so many questions asked by me =X It was a great experience buying from taobao! Love their service! upup!

Name: Kri*** T*o
HP: 91** **97
AWESOME AGENT! My items arrived within 2 weeks time, super fast! Will definitely spree again :D!!

Name: An**la
HP: 98** ***4
This is my first time spreeing here with Ladrelis. I ask her a lot of questions and she never fail to reply all of them. I still remembered one midnight at around 2am, I was asking her for help and then, she was hungry so she ended up eating maggie noodles and helping me to check some items with the seller at taobao at the same time. Haha! She is really very friendly and nice to talk to. She provides excellent service. The items arrive like within 2weeks only! Also, she provided me home delivery and was rushing to send me my items before my dad comes home because I told her that my dad would kill me if he knows I bought so many stuffs. So nice. Best of all, no agent fee involved here. If only there is discount for the shipping fee, that would be perfect haha! I will continue to support Ladrelis !

Name: Van***a C**w
HP: 83** ***4
First time spreeing with ladrelis, find her very friendly and cool. Recommended some tops and dresses for me which fits me perfectly, buying from taobao is cheap too, really enjoy talking to ladrelis! Thanks for the member discount, really helped alot ^^

Name: Ja***la
HP: 90** ***2
Hey ladrelis:) Here's my testi for you! You have been a great agent so far I've seen. First of all, you're easy to be reached, friendly and patient, that's a plus! Very glad with your efficient services. I'll recommend you to my friends, and will continue supporting you. We should hang out some time love! Ha ha ha!

Name: Lo* Q* Q*
HP: 98** ***4
I have been spreeing with Ladrelis since it just started, joined almost total of 5 sprees now.
I'm very happy with the items I bought and Ladrelis's service.
The items reaches me very fast too. Fastest like less than a week! Wow service. I have tried different agents before, but Ladrelis is still the best.
Thumbs up! & I will recommend this to my friends!
Loves Qiqi xoxo.

PS: I love the lucky draw slips <3<3

Name: Nu**l L***h
HP: 90** ***6
I dun understand chinese at all, Ladrelis helped me find almost every stuff i wanted. I really liked shopping in taobao.. Will spree again soon!! Thanks ladrelis <3

Name: Hu* L*n
HP: 83xx xxx1
Thanks for everything, you've made my day! Best agent I've been through so far.

Name: Lo**en
HP: 90xx xxx7
I love your great service Ladrelis. Never fail to clear my doubts or reply my SMSes. I'm picky at times though, but you have been very helpful, and you're a better agent compared to some other ones. (Y) Good work.

Name: L* Q*n
HP: 81xx xxx3
Was surprised that goods came super fast, you're patient and a friendly girl, good thing is no agent fees as I'm buying a lot from you, haha. Love it!

Name: Fe**y O*g
HP: 97xx xxx8
Efficient agent! Goods came super fast, thumbs up for this point. ^_^As well as, no agent fee is included which made all this cheaper.
Never fail to clear my doubts and find the stuff I want on Taobao and reply promptly to me.Super friendly and polite too! Best taobao agent I've came across so far, :-) .

Name: Yx Txxx
HP: 98xx xxx2
It's the first time I spree with Ladrelis, a very fast and efficient spree organiser I can say. A very kind and helpful girl with patience & I received my items around 2 weeks time. Keep up the good work, n have more promotions ^^ Keke..

Name: Do**en
HP: 87xx xxx6
I received my items with thanks.. It's just so cheap without agent fee. You're just a great girl, polite and helpful, never fail to find items for me! Great work babe! Will buy again soon!

Name: W** E*
HP: 91xx xxx5
Thanks for helping me to purchase my items from taobao, fast and efficient.. I've tried many agents, you're still e best!

Name: Nur A**qa
HP: 83xx xxx4
although i dunknw chinese, ladrelis never fail to help me search items i wanted. the delivery was fast, and there was no extra agent fee. i was satisfied. thanks so much. will spree again soon.. <3

Name: Ama**a Li*w
HP: 97xx xxx7
THATS FAST! First time spreeing with Ladrelis & I did not expect it to be so fast hahas. Thumbs up up up! WILL BUY AGAIN SOON LOVE! !

Name: Ki**y Am**ro
HP: 80xx xxx5
hi ladrelis, i thank you for your patience with me as i do not understand a single chiense word. thank you for helping me to find my items. i really appreciate tht, no other agent are like u, fast n efficient!! keep up th good work!

Name: Se**na L*m
HP: 90xx xxx3
Great work, love your service. Will buy again soon!

Name: Em**y T*y
HP: 97xx xxx0
It's my second time spreeing with Ladrelis, never fail to make me smile :) Love the items! Just love it! Thanks <3

Name: Jul** S*h
HP: 87xx xxx0
Thanks for the prompt replies babe! Will recommend you to my friends! Great service (Y)

Name: T*****pe Bl***hop
HP: 92xx xxx2
Thanks for being my middleman to ship my supplies from taobao. Saved alot with your No Agent Fee promotion. Loved it!